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Jupiter II gets enhanced clamping, controls

Issue: K in Focus November 2016

Jupiter II Plus Haitian has added a Plus version to the Jupiter II series of hydraulic two-platen injection molding machines that features shorter dry cycle times, an upgraded clamping unit and an upgraded Keba 2880 controller. The Jupiter series is available with clamping forces from 500 tons to 10,000 tons.

What’s New? The platen structure has been optimized to reduce deformation, the traveling cylinder has been redesigned for speed, and a new tie-bar design has no connection to the moving platen so friction is eliminated. The new Keba control panel, currently available only on the Jupiter II Plus presses, has a 15-inch double-page view and enables flexible sequencing.   

Benefits Ease of use. The double-page view feature of the controller allows the operator to see two monitoring screens on one panel, which is specially useful in integrating accessories, auxiliaries and other options with the press. The flexible sequence capability allows a single operator to change the machine sequence. In addition, changes to the clamping unit result in shorter dry cycle times.

Hall 15/A57, Absolute Haitian Corp., Worcester, Mass., 508-459-5372, www.absolutehaitian.com