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Haitian to debut latest Mars press

Issue: April 2018

Mars series Haitian is offering a sneak peek at the next generation of this servo-hydraulic machine series, which has been available since 2006.

What’s new? The launch of the series’ third generation, with the introduction of the MA1700 III.  The machine, which will be available later this year, is the first in the line, with more sizes coming out next year. At NPE2018, the machine will manufacture thick-walled housewares, using a two-cavity mold and a hot-runner system from Incoe Corp., Troy, Mich.

Benefits Generous tie-bar spacing and robust clamp design. The 192-ton MA1700 III will be making a product that could otherwise require a 300-ton machine. Cycle time for the application will be 70 seconds, and the shot size will be 6.35 ounces.

Absolute Haitian, Worcester, Mass., 508-459-5372, www.absolutehaitian.com