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Chen Hsong rep adds three-platen Jetmaster

Issue: NPE Supplement May 2015

JETMASTER AI  Chen Hsong’s Euroseries lineup, this toggle-clamp three-platen hydraulic press is available in 98-228 tons of clamping force and provides computer controls for built-in networking, intelligent diagnostics and online assistance. An SVP/2 power pack combines a hydraulic gear pump with a high precision servomotor integrated with a proprietary servo-drive.

WHAT'S NEW?  The press is available for the first time in the U.S. and Canada from Chen Hsong North American rep Gluco Inc. and is designed to meet SPI protocols for use by U.S. molders. Gluco will be showing the JM 138 and the JM 568.

BENEFITS  The energy-conserving hydraulic circuit offers high speed and precision with shorter cycle times and energy savings up to 80 percent vs. a traditional fixed-pump system. Faster machine response time vs. a variable displacement pump system.

Gluco Inc., Jenison, Mich., 616-457-1212, www.gluco.com