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Uflex's coating, laminating unit is available in three models

Issue: September 2017

EL-1300 Uflex’s new EL-1300 line of machines handles extrusion coating and laminating. The base model is a mono extruder. The second is a co-extruder for applications that require two or three layers for enhanced barrier properties. The line also includes a tandem extruder that can save time by producing more than three layers in a single pass.

What’s new? The three new versions of the EL-1300, which became available in May.

Benefits Multiple price levels and the ability to customize the machines to exact specifications. Because there are different models, buyers can choose the one that meets their needs without having to pay for unnecessary features and functionality. In addition, the machines are highly customizable — to such a degree that the company said it’s unlikely it will ever produce two machines that have the exact parameters.

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