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Twin-screw extruder from KraussMaffei handles hard profiles

Issue: June 2017

KMD 73 K/P KraussMaffei Berstorff’s conical, twin-screw extruder can be used in both mono- and coextrusion applications involving rigid PVC. Though designed for the manufacture of hard profiles, such as window frames, a version of the extruder eventually will be available for producing pipe.

What’s new? The extruder size, the newest in the KMD series. Compared to others in the series, it has higher maximum throughputs. Like others in the series, the center height of the parts it can produce is 3 feet, 3.4 inches.

Benefits High output of consistent, high-quality parts, and a cost-competitive price. Users of the extruders enjoy flexibility when handling different formulations and materials, including regrind and dry blends. In particular, a columnar version offers convenience in constrained spaces because users can adjust and easily move it. Though they have a relatively long preheating zone, the machines are compact and can process a large amount of material quickly. The extruders boast an air-cooled barrel and internally heat-balanced screws that require infrequent maintenance.

KraussMaffei Corp., Florence, Ky., 859-283-0200, www.kraussmaffeigroup.us