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PTi Super-G extruder boasts high output

Issue: April 2018

Super-G These Super-G high-output sheet extruders from Processing Technologies International LLC (PTi) use the company’s Lobe screw technology to deliver improved melt quality. They can be integrated with all of the company’s G-Series configurable roll stands. They feature carbide-lined barrels and Colmonoy hard-faced feed screws. They have an oversized feed section to accommodate up to 70 percent regrind, and a streamlined feed hopper with tramp-metal protection.

What’s new? The size. For its models that are designed for PP and HIPS packaging applications, PTi has reduced the footprint by more than 33 percent by using a vertical, U-shaped configuration and a tuck-under motor. For example, the length of the SGHS3000-36D is only about 12.7 feet, compared to about 17.5 feet for the earlier version. It has a 500-horsepower motor and an output of 3,000 pounds per hour when running PP.

Benefits Very high output in a compact setup.

Processing Technologies International LLC, Aurora, Ill., 630-585-5800, www.ptiextruders.com