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New KraussMaffei extruder features 65mm screw

Issue: May 2016

ZE 65 BluePower Torque KraussMaffei launched the latest twin-screw extruder in its ZE BluePower Torque series, the ZE 65, which is designed for high-performance compounding and features a screw diameter of 65mm. 

What’s new? The size. The ZE 65’s maximum throughput is 5,500 pounds per hour.

Benefits Productivity and energy efficiency. The machine features an increased ratio of outer diameter to inner diameter for 30 percent higher torque. This results in high output with lower energy consumption, compared to previous KraussMaffei extruders. The drive system has been optimized and includes a water-cooled three-phase motor and a high-efficiency gear unit with a completely redesigned processing section. 

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