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Leistritz introduces latest iMAXX extruder

Issue: March 2017

ZSE 35 iMAXX This twin-screw co-rotating extruder from Leistritz is the latest in its iMAXX line and is suited for compounding and masterbatch production. The machine has a screw diameter of 35.1mm and motor that can produce 123 horsepower and 512 foot-pounds of torque. It features a synchronous drive and fully integrated heating and cooling equipment. Add-on modules such as side feeders can be mounted on either side of the processing unit.

What’s new? The machine, which made its debut at the K show.

Benefits Fast product changes, energy efficiency and accessibility for cleaning and maintenance. The machine’s control system can save product-specific settings for batch replication.

Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp., Somerville, N.J., 908-685-2333, www.leistritz-extrusion.com