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KraussMaffei's ZE extruder line gets tougher housing liners

Issue: November 2017

ZE BluePower KraussMaffei’s twin-screw extruder series can be tailored to specific applications in the compounding of engineering plastics, polyolefins, cable compounds, PVC and masterbatches. The series includes machines that have screw sizes ranging from 42mm to 80mm.

What’s new? The use of a new, iron-based, powder-metallurgical alloy in the extruders’
barrel-housing liners. The material, called 72HA, has high levels of carbon and chrome and is through-hardened. It is offered on all models in the ZE BluePower line.

Benefits Improved wear protection against abrasion and corrosion. The 72HA housing liners, which come into direct contact with the melt, can handle the wear caused by highly filled polymers; this ensures a longer service life for the extruders.

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