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Beier extruder tackles high volume pipe production

Issue: NPE Supplement May 2015

BEIER BRD  This high throughput extruder model for polyolefin pipe production from Beier America handles pressures up to 6,600 pounds per square inch.

WHAT'S NEW?  Groove-fed 38-1 length-to-diameter extruder features new design components that improve plasticizing performance regardless of back pressure, and with low water consumption. New features include a feed throat with a large concentric opening, large-surface-area rectangular grooved feed channels, air gap heat insulation and a spiral water-cooling system.

BENEFITS  The barrier screw design has internal melt channel cooling, allowing for high throughput rates with lower melt temperatures.


Beier America, Exeter, N.H., 773-234-3795, www.beieramerica.com