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  • Kautex offers larger-model all-electric KBB

    Issue: NPE Supplement May 2015

    KBB60D:  This all-electric extrusion blow molding unit from Kautex Maschinebau GmbH is designed for consumer packaging projects and is the second [more]

  • JSW upgrades twin screw extruder

    Issues: April 2015, NPE Supplement May 2015

    TEX Alpha III Series:  This line of co-rotating twin screw extruders from Japan Steel Works Ltd. includes the TEX 44 Alpha III being shown at NPE. [more]

  • Entek twin screw extruder redesign: QC3-43mm

    Issues: May 2015, NPE Supplement May 2015

    QC3-43mm:  This twin screw extruder for general material compounding has been totally redesigned using extensive input from customers, and engineered [more]