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Farrel Pomini CP1000 mixes high-filler compounds

Issue: NPE Supplement May 2015

CP1000 compounder This midsized compact processor in Farrel Pomini’s CP Series II is designed specifically for effective dispersion of highly filled, pigmented and abrasive materials. The system incorporates an independently controlled continuous mixer and an extruder.

What’s new? A patent-pending self-aligning seal (SAS), and an automation and control system the company calls "synergy control." The synergy control system provides real-time data for mid-process adjustments and can be monitored for remote troubleshooting.

Benefits The SAS offers faster installation, improved powder seal performance and longer seal life than standard seals. The synergy control integrates upstream and downstream equipment across a variety of suppliers, standardizing processing lines, for ease of operation and equipment safety.

Farrel Corp., Ansonia, Conn., 203-736-5500, www.farrel-pomini.com