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Coperion extruder has new look, features

Issue: April 2018

STS 35 Mc11 This twin-screw extruder from Coperion is especially suited for color masterbatch production and features a specific torque level of 11.3 newton meters per cubic centimeter and screw speeds of up to 900 revolutions per minute.

What’s new? Numerous features. A new design for the base frame allows the water manifold and wiring connections to be integrated for easier cleaning without sacrificing accessibility. The company has incorporated more smooth surfaces into the machine and re-engineered the extruder covers to make it easier to access the process section while at the same time reducing dust contamination. The barrel heater shells now are equipped with insulation plates and the feed barrel opening is fitted with a removable sleeve, which facilitates cleaning. The company added a tray to the vent port to collect drips. The die head has been redesigned and now can be opened quickly by loosening swing bolts.

Benefits Improved handling, easier cleaning and faster color changeovers.  

Coperion Corp., Sewell, N.J., 201-327-6300, www.coperion.com