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Compounding system upgrades feeding technology

Issue: July 2015

Kombiplast Coperion’s revised, two-stage compounding system comprises a ZSK twin-screw extruder equipped with a ZS-B twin-screw side feeder and an ES-A downstream single-screw discharge unit that gently builds up pressure for the subsequent pelletizing operation. The machine’s EGR eccentric pelletizer has been designed to handle temperature- and shear-sensitive plastics.

What’s new? Upgrades in feeding technology, screw discharge unit and pelletizer. In addition, the Kombiplast is now more compact than its predecessors. 

Benefits Improved performance, greater energy efficiency and smaller footprint. With its Feed Enhancement Technology (FET), the Kombiplast has an improved material intake capacity. FET also results in better operating reliability and higher productivity and quality. For better pelletizing performance, both the drive and the rotor bearings of the eccentric pelletizer have been improved, and the knives can be set more accurately, allowing pellets to be chopped to a consistent length. Also, with the Kombiplast’s screw discharge unit, the cylindrical barrel can be cooled by water, rather than a fan, providing energy savings as well as more control over temperature. 

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