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Casting machine boasts extra injectors

Issue: July 2018

Castech HP3000 Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri’s Castech PU casting machines meter and mix hot-cast elastomers and microcellular elastomer foams. They provide good mixing homogeneity, and have a long, flexible arm that is suited for casting parts of various shapes and sizes. Castech machines can be customized for specific applications.

What’s new? The HP3000 model and its numerous upgrades. It features a high-speed motor and new injectors designed to handle greater throughputs, which can range from 5.3 ounces to 132 pounds per minute, depending on pump size. Its mixing head is designed for use with the newest high-performance PU materials. The HP3000 has a 19-inch touch screen to display machine status and built-in software for monitoring temperature, pressure and mixer speeds.

Benefits Flexibility. With new features and the option of adding up to six extra injectors to the mixing chamber, the machine can be tailored to meet the specific needs of users.

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