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Nissei ASB unit produces heat-stable containers

Issue: December 2016

ASB-70DPH/DB Nissei’s new one-step injection stretch blow molding machine is designed for producing heat-stable containers for hot-fill applications. It is capable of molding a variety of containers, including jars and bottles, using a wide range of materials. Clamp daylight measures up to 27.6 inches.

What’s new? The model, which hybridizes some of the characteristics of two other Nissei lines, the ASB-70DPH and the HSB series. The model is based on the ASB-70DPH, but heavily modified to incorporate two sets of blow molds mounted on a servo-driven shuttle system. It debuted at the K show, where a machine used a five-cavity mold to make 0.5-liter PET ketchup bottles suitable for hot filling at temperatures up to 188 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Benefits Versatility, energy savings and clean, quiet operations, thanks to the machine’s servo-driven hydraulic pumps.

Nissei ASB Co., Smyrna, Ga., 404-699-7755, www.nissei-asbus.com