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Jomar hydraulic machine improves output, cycle time

Issue: May 2018

TechnoDrive 65 This new hydraulic injection blow molding machine from Jomar uses a closed-loop cylinder system for fast and accurate clamp control; its proportional valves create a smooth, fast stroke. A radial piston motor drives the plastifier. The machine comes with remote-access capabilities that allow Jomar’s service personnel to connect to the machine via the internet.

What’s new? Improve- ments on the Jomar 65 model, which served as the template for the TechnoDrive 65. The TechnoDrive 65 has a higher output per square foot and a cycle time that’s 1 second faster than the hydraulic Jomar 65.

Benefits High-speed production. Also, compared with the Jomar 65, the TechnoDrive 65 is more accurate. The design of the TechnoDrive 65 allows molds and cylinder seals to last longer.

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