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Blow molding unit flexible, modular

Issue: K in Focus November 2016

KSB series Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH has announced a new generation of the KSB series of suction blow molding machines designed for monolayer and sequential coextrusion applications. The new machines are available in single- or double-station configurations.

What’s new? Machine design is based on a modular concept. The servo-hydraulic clamping unit does not include a tie bar, generates clamping forces up to 11 tons, and can accommodate a wide range of mold sizes.

Benefits Flexible, simplified design means the KSB series can meet approximately 95 percent of all suction blow molding requirements. It’s easy to upgrade or add functionality to basic units due to their modular design. The KSB ships in an ISO container and can be delivered to North America quickly.

Hall 14/A16, Kautex Machines Inc., North Branch, N.J., 908-252-9350, www.kautex-group.com