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Blow molding system from Sidel has Actis plasma-coating option

Issue: February 2017

Matrix Combi Sidel has upgraded its latest generation of this blow molding machine line with the ability to apply the Actis plasma coating on PET bottles. Also known as Amorphous Carbon Treatment on Internal Surface technology, the barrier coating technology deposits a thin layer of hydrogen-rich carbon inside a PET bottle to extend its shelf life and aid in lightweighting. It’s designed for bottles with diameters of up to 3 inches and especially useful for containers that will hold carbonated beverages or oxygen-sensitive substances, such as beer and sauces.

What’s new? The availability of the surface treatment technology as an option for the newest Matrix Combi machines.

Benefits Improved bottle performance, and material savings. The Actis coating helps reduce the loss of carbon dioxide from the bottle. It can triple shelf life and contribute to potential reductions in bottle weight of 15-20 percent. Overall, the Matrix Combi line offers process reliability and increased uptime.

Sidel, Norcross, Ga., 678-221-3000, www.sidel.com