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1Blow unit is flexible, has small footprint

Issue: April 2018

4LO 1Blow’s new stretch blow molding machine uses electric servo motors for repeatability and energy efficiency, and features efficient rotary motions, rather than linear motions, for more than 90 percent of its operations. It has a footprint of 12 feet by 6.65 feet — about the size of a four-door Mini Cooper — and is suited for producing custom PET bottles.

What’s new? The machine’s flexible design, which accommodates all five of 1Blow’s “technology kits.” The kits are options that expand the capabilities of the machine to make more-complex bottles. Technology kits permit the creation of specialized bases and handle grips; oval or oblong bottles with offset necks; neck finishes with a uniform orientation to facilitate the use of flip-top caps; and highly crystalline bottles for hot-fill products. Additionally, the 4LO is larger than prior 1Blow machines, with an increased maximum output of 8,000 bottles per hour.

Benefits High outputs combined with the flexibility to produce many types of custom bottles. Additionally, the compact machine is designed for fast product changeovers and accessibility—most body panels also are doors to facilitate maintenance and repair.

1Blow, Atlanta, 678-417-0050, www.1blow.com