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WASP printer offers speed, dual printing

Issue: July 2017

DeltaWASP 20 40 Turbo2 This upgraded 3-D printer from World’s Advanced Saving Project (WASP) features an industrial-grade, 32-bit board that can support two extruders simultaneously (the second extruder is an optional feature). It has a print area of 7.9 inches by 15.7 inches. The WASP project is an undertaking of Centro Sviluppo Progetti.

What’s new? Myriad upgrades, including the more powerful board, a new carriage-sliding system, a cooling system for the engines and boards and a better-insulated build chamber. Single-extruder models are equipped with a new Spitfire head for faster printing, while the optional Zen dual extruder makes it possible to print with two materials simultaneously.

Benefits Improved speed and accuracy. The various upgrades have improved the printer’s accuracy and speed, enabling it to reach speeds of more than 39 inches per second.  

Centro Sviluppo Progetti srl, Massa Lombarda, Italy, 39-0545-82966, www.wasproject.it/w/en