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UnionTech's 3-D printers produce high-quality surfaces

Issue: December 2017

Pilot 250 and Pilot 450 These new Pilot 3-D printers from UnionTech, Shanghai, can use a variety of photopolymer resins. Both the Pilot 250 and the Pilot 450 offer scan speeds of about 40 feet per second, layer thicknesses as thin as 0.05mm and accuracy within 0.1 percent over part length. The Pilot 250 is shown at right. RP America distributes the Pilot series in North America.

What’s new? The printers, which became available in September.   

Benefits Ease of use, versatility, cost-competitiveness and high-quality production. Featuring an open design for materials and software, the printers produce high-quality parts. They can use a variety of resins, including a clear material with ABS- and polybutylene terephthalate-like properties, a high-performance version suitable for production of injection molds for low-volume runs and a durable version able to withstand high temperatures.

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