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Roboze 3-D printer can create finished parts

Issue: April 2018

Argo 500 Designed for everything from prototyping to the production of large finished parts, this 3-D printer creates finished parts from high-performance materials, including PEEK and other thermoplastics. It is equipped with Roboze’s “beltless system,” which uses gears and helical racks to achieve mechanical accuracies within 25 microns. Roboze will be exhibiting in the LEHVOSS North America booth.

What’s new? The printer, which hit the market in November.

Benefits Increased productivity and the ability to print large parts. The Argo’s build chamber can reach its maximum temperature in less than an hour and can print parts as large as 17.7 cubic feet.

Roboze Inc., Bari, Italy, 39-080-574-3707, www.roboze.com