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New EOS 3-D printer boasts 70-watt lasers, speed

Issue: February 2018

EOS P 500 The latest 3-D printer from EOS uses two 70-watt lasers to cure materials and create parts. EOS supplies a polyamide and is developing a PEEK material; other companies also can develop materials for the open-source machine. The printer comes with a software suite from EOS that automates print jobs by handling job and process management, process monitoring and connectivity.

What’s new? The printer, which EOS showed off in November at formnext in Frankfurt, Germany.

Benefits Maximum productivity, automation readiness and high-heat processing. Job exchanges take only about 15 minutes, so new builds can begin quickly after previous ones are complete. Also, compared to an earlier machine, the EOS P 396, total cycle times have been reduced by as much as 75 percent. The new printer requires minimal cleaning — about once a week — and maintenance — about once a year.

EOS North America, Novi, Mich., 248-306-0143, www.eos.info