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Latest Roboze printer improves repeatability, precision, durability

Issue: August 2017

Roboze One+400 With an extruder capable of heating up to 752 degrees Fahrenheit, this updated fused-filament-fabrication printer is designed for high-temperature applications involving engineering-grade resins. It can be used for functional prototyping of parts as large as 7.9 inches in every direction.

What’s new? Upgrades introduced in April that provide for greater precision, repeatability and durability, compared to the previous Roboze One+400 design. The machine is now more flexible, with a portfolio of more than a dozen possible materials, including PEEK, polyetherimide and carbon-reinforced polyamide. In addition, it boasts a new, more intuitive 5-inch touch screen.

Benefits Accurate printing, even at high temperatures. The machine’s beltless system ensures print accuracy to within 25 microns, as well as durability and a high degree of reliability. With its updated design, the printer is sturdier and quieter than its predecessor.  

Roboze Inc., Bari, Italy, 39-080-574-3707, www.roboze.com