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German RepRap's latest printer is designed for LSR

Issue: April 2018

LAM Designed to handle liquid silicone rubber (LSR), this printer from German RepRap GmbH, Feldkirchen, Germany, performs a process known as liquid additive manufacturing (LAM). In the process, which is similar to fused-filament fabrication, the printer lays down one layer of material at a time, producing a fully cross-linked part. The printer can be used to manufacture functional prototypes.

What’s new? The printer, which will be displayed in the booth of M.R. Mold & Engineering Corp., Brea, Calif. Rubber industry supplier R.D. Abbott Co. Inc., Cerritos, Calif., is teaming up with German RepRap to display the printer. In the U.S., 3DChimera represents German RepRap.

Benefits The ability to create prototypes with properties that closely match injection molded LSR parts. The printer can be used for short-run manufacturing trials, with results that are easily transferrable to injection molding.

3DChimera, Miami, 786-701-0700, www.3dchimera.com, https://germanreprap.us