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DeltaWasp 3-D printer gets industrial upgrade

Issue: November 2017

DeltaWasp 40 70 Industrial This upgraded, heavy-duty version of the Delta­Wasp 40 70 3-D printer now can attain temperatures high enough to process engineering resins. It can print layers as small as 50 microns. The printer comes standard with a Spitfire Red extruder and a Spitfire LT cartridge; an optional version featuring a Zen Dual extruder and two Zen LT cartridges also is available. Both models have a steel nozzle with a diameter of 0.4mm; 0.7mm and 1.2mm nozzles also are available. If there is a power outage during a print job, the 40 70 Industrial has a system that allows it to save the print job and resume printing when power is restored.

What’s new? The industrial version, which was first introduced by CSP in May. It features a full, all-metal enclosure with thermal and acoustic insulation; heated build chamber with air recirculation to maintain uniform temperatures; heavy-duty circuit board with Wi-Fi capability; active carbon air-filter system; end-filament sensor; dehumidifier compartment; self-locking wheels; and high-temperature-resistant arms.

Benefits Heavy-duty construction and the ability to print engineering resins.

Centro Sviluppo Progetti (CSP) srl, Massa Lombarda, Italy, 011-39-0545-82966, www.wasproject.it/w/en