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CSP's 3MT Industrial printer makes big and small parts

Issue: October 2017

3MT Industrial printer Standing about 10 feet tall, the industrial version of the DeltaWasp 3MT 3-D printer produces large parts with the precision of a small printer. Users can mount a pellet extruder for printing large objects with a nozzle up to 3.5mm. For fine work, the printer can be equipped with the company’s Spitfire extrusion system, which has a 1.2mm steel nozzle as standard equipment but is also compatible with 0.4mm and 0.7mm nozzles. It features a “resurrection system” that saves a print job if the power goes out and resumes printing once it’s restored.

What’s new? The industrial printer, which became available in May from CSP. It features a vibration-damping metal enclosure with acoustic and thermal insulation; a heated chamber with air circulation to maintain a uniform temperature; and a heavy-duty circuit board with Wi-Fi. Its stabilization system has nine arms rather than six. The printer also boasts an end-filament sensor; a heated print bed (up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit); a quick-tool-exchange system; and a counterbalance of up to 22 pounds that prevents the extruder from falling and being damaged if there is a power outage.

Benefits Flexibility and toughness. The 3MT Industrial can use a large nozzle for fast printing of larger items and smaller nozzles for high-detail printing of smaller items. Its full-metal enclosure and heavy-duty construction allow it to operate with speed and precision, even in the challenging conditions usually found in a manufacturing facility.

Centro Sviluppo Progetti (CSP) srl, Massa Lombarda, Italy, 39-0545-82966, www.wasproject.it/w/en