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CBW side-entry robot commercially available

Issue: April 2018

BeeLine B-series This CBW series of modular, side-entry robots is available for retrieval operations within stack and single-face molds. It can handle two- and three-level stack molds; in the case of four-level stack molds, the unit is configured with four independent retrieval arms.

What’s new? Commercial availability of the robot. Originally announced at the K show in Germany, the technology now is on the market. At NPE2018, a system will be running on a 4.5-second cycle time with a 0.6-second intrusion time.

Benefits Flexibility and compact size. Featuring some elements of top-entry robots, Beeline B-series robots have a field-changeable centerline height that allows easy adjustments between products and even machines. Part changes can be made in less than 30 minutes. Though the robots are tailored to users’ needs, two basic models are available — one for injection molding machines with clamping forces of 500 tons to 800 tons, and one for 1,000-ton applications.

CBW Automation, Fort Collins, Colo., 800-299-9500, www.cbwautomation.com