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Carbon's new 3-D printer uses UV light to shape and cure resins

Issue: June 2017

M2 This new printer from Carbon features its proprietary Continuous Liquid Interface Production, or CLIP, technology, which uses ultraviolet light to shape and cure photopolymer resin. The company, which offers its products on a subscription basis to users, charges $50,000 per year for use of the M2.

What’s new? Expanded build volume. The M2 has twice the build volume of Carbon’s first printer, the M1.

Benefits Robust, secure printing of industrial-grade parts. The M2 comes with three data and power-expansion ports for functions such as automated resin dispensing. Designed for compatibility with robotic interfaces for automated parts removal, it has locked printing parameters for validated production runs and equipment management. Also, to ensure part production quality and traceability, it can create serialized parts.

Carbon Inc., Redwood City, Calif., 650-285-6307, www.carbon3d.com