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Aoniq printer is quiet, can print with PVC

Issue: November 2017

888 This fused-filament-fabrication printer can create parts from a wide variety of materials, including PVC filament supplied by Aoniq. The company envisions a wide array of applications for the printer, which can be used for prototyping, product trials and the rapid manufacture of replacement machine parts for the factory floor; it’s also targeted at businesses that offer 3-D printing services. The printer features a 7-inch touch screen and a direct-drive extruder. Five interchangeable print heads come with the printer, which has a starting price of about $12,500, depending on the warranty plan.

What’s new? The printer. Aoniq recently began accepting orders for it.

Benefits Smooth, accurate, quiet operation, and the ability to print with PVC. In addition to being stronger than some resins that have commonly been used in 3-D printing, PVC is highly durable and offers excellent layer adhesion.

Aoniq, Canberra, Australia, www.aoniq.com