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Synergetic upgrades mold software

Issue: April 2018

XMD mold making software Synergetic Engineering’s XMD software automatically creates mold designs, checks the hundreds of details in each design for errors, and automatically integrates any solid, surface or wireform that the user imports or creates. It is suitable for all mold types and can be customized to a company’s specific manufacturing practices. The comprehensive program offers parametric dimension-driven editing, dynamic model resizing, feature recognition, real-time editing, tolerant modeling, geometry healing, and automated, simultaneous exporting of multiple files to multiple file types.

What’s new? Various upgrades, including the ability to incorporate a clamping system directly into the design.

Benefits Low cost of ownership and versatility. Because it’s easy to use, processors spend less time and money on training. The software’s built-in knowledge base makes the mold-design process faster and easier. It also can be used with any solid-modeling package, so its automation functionality and speed enhancements can be incorporated into whatever software a company is already using.

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