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Spring allows Cumsa's Smart Worm Lifters to bend to release undercuts

Issue: August 2018

Smart Worm Lifter This new Cumsa series of off-the-shelf components is ideal for releasing small undercuts. Two models and multiple sizes of the lifters are available. The shorter version, the WP, or Smart Worm Pin, comes in diameters of .6mm and .8mm and has short ejection strokes of up to 30mm or 60mm, respectively. The long version, the WL, or Smart Worm Lifter, is available in sizes of .8mm and .12mm and can be used to release small undercuts for large molds that require ejection strokes of up to 125mm. The lifters have an internal spring that allow them to bend from the center as much as 6 degrees.

What's new? The new lifters, which are set for release this fall.

Benefits Simplified machining and installation. Using the Smart Worm Lifters eliminates the need for any mechanism in the ejector plates.

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