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Rocklin enhances its mold-repair device

Issue: April 2018

Rocklinizer Model 950 Rocklin’s new model of carbide-application equipment can be used to repair wear areas of molds and screws. To shore up their surfaces, it deposits titanium carbide, tungsten carbide and electrode materials.

What’s new? The model, which achieves faster application speeds than other Rocklinizer models. At NPE2018, Rocklin will be displaying it in the booth of American Rotary Tools Co., Monrovia, Calif.

Benefits Fast, heat-free surface treatment of dies and tooling, extending the life of equipment. Unlike other approaches, such as welding, metal-deposition using the Rocklinizers creates relatively little heat. Once the process is completed, the electrode material will not separate from the workpiece, and no other surface treatment is needed. The process addresses metal-on-metal wear, enhances gripping and maintains the proper dimensions of workpieces.

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