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Priamus introducing mold dock system

Issue: April 2018

Mold Dock The Priamus Mold Dock is designed for processors that run small lot sizes or change molds frequently. Users connect mold sensors through central, non-interchangeable signal contacts that are secured by encoding pins and a locking system that requires a twist of the operating handle. The photo to the right shows the mold dock with Staübli connectors.

What’s new? The system, which will be shown for the first time at NPE2018.

Benefits Faster mold changes and durability. Connector inserts for as many as eight pressure or temperature signals are protected by shielded aluminum housings that are designed to withstand high vibrations, high temperatures and many plug cycles during their service lives.

Priamus System Technologies LLC, Sterling, Va., 877-774-2687, www.priamus.com