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Mold pins suitable for most materials

Issue: September 2018

In-mold edge-gate-cutting inserts These pins from Almo, London, which are fixed in the stationary half of the mold, slice the gates off molded parts when the mold opens and the runner is held back in the moving half of the mold. Pins for dealing with either one gate or two are available. The pins have diameters ranging from 10mm to 0.5 inch and lengths of 50mm to 60mm; depending on the sizes specified, gate angles of 90 degrees, 120 degrees and 180 degrees are available.

What’s new? The pins, which Almo showed at NPE2018 in the booth of the company’s distributor, DMS.

Benefits Simple removal of gates from plastic parts. The pins allow the use of large gates to enable mold filling with low injection pressures, reducing energy requirements and providing for the improved packing of molded parts. The economically priced pins are suitable for use with most resins, including glass-filled materials.

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