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Laser welder from Alpha Laser makes fixing molds simple

Issue: October 2017

AL-ARM 450 F This laser welder from Alpha Laser GmbH, Puchheim, Germany, is designed for quick and easy repairs of minor flaws in molds. Equipped with a 450-watt fiber laser, the system includes 3-D safety goggles that make the welding area appear larger and superimpose relevant data, such as crosshairs. The AL-ARM 450 F has an 11.5-foot power cord and an integrated manual wire feeder. An automatic wire feeder is available as an option.

What’s new? The laser welding system, which debuted in June and is distributed in the U.S. by Phoenix Laser Solutions.

Benefits Portability and safety. In addition to its mobility, the AL-ARM 450 F has an integrated material-recognition safety circuit that stops the laser from functioning unless it is placed directly on the workpiece, thus preventing accidental emission of laser radiation.

Phoenix Laser Solutions, Meadville, Pa., 814-724-3666, www.alphalaser.de/en