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Synventive offering latest Synflow control system

Issue: December 2017

SynFlow Synventive Molding Solutions’ SynFlow control system controls the flow of the melt in cascade molding. By allowing the user to define the opening velocity of the valve pin and the length of the opening stroke over which the velocity will be controlled, SynFlow helps to eliminate the sudden spike in cavity pressure that’s typically the result of a sudden opening of the valve pins.

What’s new? The third generation of SynFlow, which was slated to debut this quarter. For the first time, users will have the ability to stop the valve pin mid-stroke, meaning they will be able to independently allow the filling or packing of each nozzle; control balance for dissimilar parts on family molds; and fill complex, multi-gated geometries. Also new is a more intuitive interface that saves time by allowing users to complete tasks in fewer steps than needed in prior versions of the software.

Benefits Parts with high surface quality, fewer rejects and improved efficiency. The technology prevents molding defects — including pressure-alteration marks, opposite-
gating marks, sink marks after coating and reduced adhesion of finishes — as well as selective reduction of the valve-pin opening velocity where it’s most effective.

Synventive Molding Solutions, Peabody, Mass., 978-750-8065, www.synventive.com