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PCS introduces hot-runner temperature controller

Issue: July 2015

Visions 3000/2.0 Controller This hot-runner temperature controller from PCS Co. uses adaptive thermal control technology, which is compatible with varying molding environments, for precise temperature control. Its features include sophisticated two-way communication capabilities by Ethernet or discrete protocol and a tool database with a storage capacity of 100 or more toolsets. 

What’s new? The controller  was introduced at NPE. Diagnostic graphs provided by previous versions have been upgraded. Some other features that set the Visions 3000 apart from its predecessors include its abilities to monitor mold water output flow and temperature and collect 12 months of data automatically, as well as to transfer data. In addition, the Vision 3000’s touch-screen interface is new, and the system can be controlled remotely.

Benefits Robust design, precise temperature control, ease of operation, dependability, system security and modular design. The system offers the flexibility to efficiently and economically operate in single-unit environments as well as in centralized manufacturing facilities with sophisticated high-cavitation processes. In addition, the system’s software provides easy access to a variety of informational and diagnostic features, including start-up functions, adjustable alarm limits, boost, standby, zone slaving, password protection, wiring diagnostics and one-way and two-way communications. 

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