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New HRSflow nozzles ideal for small parts

Issue: October 2017

Full compact nozzles HRSflow now offers a family of screwed-in hot-runner nozzles that can be equipped with one or two heating zones. The nozzles come in two versions: Classic and Fail Safe. Fail Safe nozzles feature two heating devices and two thermocouples, whereas Classic nozzles feature one each. The nozzles are suitable for reverse gating from the ejector side; gating options include torpedo, free flow and valve gating.

What’s new? The product line, and its smaller size. The nozzle seat diameter is 28mm, compared to 33mm for standard nozzles. Lengths range from 75mm to 450mm; available internal diameters are 6, 8 and 10mm.

Benefits Space savings.

HRSflow, Byron Center, Mich., 616-228-6900, www.hrsflow.com