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New hot-runner nozzles work with DME manifolds

Issue: July 2016

Stellar 7000 DME’s new hot-runner nozzles are designed to work with DME manifolds. With the new offering, customers can purchase the manifold and nozzles, including installation specifications and a set of drawings and CAD data, and do their own plate machining.

What’s new? The nozzles, which have been available for a few months. This is the first time DME has offered individual components for its Stellar product line, which is designed for molding small parts.

Benefits Robust design and uniform thermal performance. Compared to DME’s 5000 series nozzles, the Stellar 7000s are stronger, employing a stainless steel seal ring. They’re also self-keying, requiring no additional dowel pins or clips. By bringing the nozzle body heater closer to the manifold surface, they provide a more uniform thermal profile.

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