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New hot-runner is compact, ready to install

Issue: January 2016

H4070 Hasco has extended its Multi Shot line with its new compact hot-runner system. It is available with four or eight Techni Shot nozzles and a manifold with single-sided heating and equal-sized channels providing balanced plastic flow. Options include nozzle lengths of up to about 5 inches, variable nozzle tips, individually controllable nozzles and a finished hot half.

What’s new? The system, which debuted in the fall.

Benefits Speed of delivery, leak-free operation and easy maintenance. Hasco promises to deliver the ready-to-install system within seven to 10 days of receiving a customer’s order. The nozzle tips can be mounted from the parting plane, helping make maintenance easier.

Hasco America Inc., Fletcher, N.C., 828-650-2600, www.hasco.com/gb/