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Hasco hot-runner controller user-friendly

Issue: April 2018

H 1252 This new series of hot-runner control units from Hasco comes in two versions, one for controlling six heating zones and one for controlling 12 zones. They feature two-part displays for each zone. This allows users to easily compare target and actual values and assess the status of the hot-runner control units and systems. H 1252 controllers can handle process temperatures from 34 degrees Fahrenheit to 1,112 degrees Fahrenheit and automatically monitor temperature deviation, incorrect polarity, fuse failure, heating current and other factors.

What’s new? The series, which is replacing Hasco’s previous portfolio of multizone controllers.

Benefits Precise temperature control with user-friendly operation and straightforward maintenance. The robust controllers are simple to operate, guaranteeing fast adjustments during production. The fuses for the individual heating zones are accessible from outside and can be replaced easily without opening the housing; components within the housing also are easy to replace. The external cooling elements ensure heat dissipation for long service life of the electronics. Also, the controllers are economically priced.

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