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Ewikon creates drop-in hot-runner unit

Issue: April 2018

L2X-Mikro Ewikon’s new drop-in hot-runner system is designed especially for small injection molding machines, such as micro machines, and the production of small parts. It can handle a broad range of resins, including engineering resins. It is offered with a choice of two, four or six nozzles.

What’s new? The system, an adaptation of an earlier high-cavitation system. With the L2X-Mikro, each nozzle has its own heating zone.

Benefits The ability to produce small parts within a tight configuration. The hot runner provides very stable heating and an even temperature profile. Its design allows precise positioning of the connection cables, and the nozzles have a leakproof screw connection with the manifold.

Ewikon Molding Technologies Inc., Rockford, Ill., 815-874-7270, www.ewikon.com