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Attachment device eases nozzle-heater connection

Issue: March 2016

Nozzle heater attachment This new mechanism from Türk+Hillinger GmbH, Tuttlingen, Germany, was designed to create a better way to connect a heater to a nozzle in an injection molding machine or hot runner. It is especially useful in areas where space restrictions limit the movement of a screw and wedge. 

What’s new? The development of a sliding and wedge mechanism to attach the heater to the nozzle core.

Benefits The ability to navigate tight areas within an injection molding machine or hot runner. Using the mechanism, a heater can be simply pushed onto the nozzle core and axially secured by moving a wedge.

Turk+Hillinger USA Inc., Brecksville, Ohio, 440-512-7144, www.turk-hillinger.us