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Tempflex device provides better cooling

Issue: February 2017

TempFlex This device from Hasco is used to control the temperature of die plates or spacer plates in injection molds. It also can be used to upgrade existing molds that have poor cooling performance. Coolant runs through the unit, which is installed in a channel or a pocket. Made of flexible, stainless steel corrugated hose, it can be quickly installed and can withstand high temperatures. 

What’s new? The size. Hasco now is offering the Z976 metric version of TempFlex with a coupling diameter of 13mm, as well as the original 9mm size. The TempFlex Z977, which hit the market earlier, has a coupling diameter of 0.375 inch and is the U.S. version of the device. All sizes come in three standard lengths; now Hasco also can supply custom lengths up to 8.5 feet. 

Benefits Cost savings and better cooling performance. The device eliminates the need for elaborate deep-hole bores, which saves money. By deflecting the coolant via arcs instead of 90-degree turns, pressure losses are reduced while the flow rate remains the same. Also, TempFlex prevents cooling channel corrosion.

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