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Punch Industry creates cooling sprue bushing

Thu, Apr 12, 2018

TI Series Punch Industry USA Inc. used 3-D laser sintering to create the twisted inner cooling cavity of its patented new TI Series spiral cooling sprue bushing. The water that circulates in the metal bushing’s cavity removes heat from the bushing gate to prevent partial overheating. The company is the U.S. subsidiary of Punch Industry Co. Ltd. of Tokyo.

What’s new? The bushing’s addition of a cavity to circulate water.

Benefits A shortened molding cycle, thanks to the design’s efficiency in removing heat from the bushing gate. In addition to its standard size bushing, Punch can make special and custom types, and can change tip shape.

Punch Industry USA Inc., Itasca, Ill., 630-625-8080, http://www.punch.co.jp/english/