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Interface allows remote access to data

Issue: April 2018

TracerVM Bluetooth Interface This new device from Burger & Brown Engineering is used in conjunction with its TracerVM Base flow meters, which are suited for applications such as monitoring the cooling water in injection molds.

What’s new? The ability to remotely access information about mold water flow and temperature for multiple injection molding machines at once. The Bluetooth Interface collects data from up to eight flow meters installed in injection mold cooling circuits and sends the information to a mobile device via Bluetooth or to a PC over an Ethernet connection. Users can create data-log files on flow conditions and save them on a USB flash drive. The interface includes all software needed to create cooling-line log files.

Benefits Improved real-time monitoring and financial savings. Molders can use the data to validate quality or regulatory requirements, confirm processing parameters and optimize cycle times. Instead of using more expensive flow meters that have individual displays, processors can use economical flow meters without displays. Also, the device has a water-resistant plastic enclosure and can operate in temperatures from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Burger & Brown Engineering Inc., Grandview, Mo., 816-878-6675, www.smartflow-usa.com