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Hasco plates boast improved properties

Issue: June 2018

P1 plates Hasco’s P1 steel plates for mold making are machined on all sides and come in a wide range of sizes.

What’s new? A grade of hardened and tempered steel used to make the plates. The European tool steel, 1.2714HH, has optimal properties for machining, welding and surface coating and is suited for the manufacture of injection molds, cavity inserts, cores and slides. The steel can be nitrided and coated at temperatures below 950 degrees Fahrenheit. P1 plates made of 1.2714HH are available in standard sizes from stock; special dimensions are available by request.

Benefits Improved material properties. The steel exhibits excellent wear resistance and thermal conductivity and good properties for polishing and etching. The steel has a low level of residual stress and therefore has very good dimensional stability. Also, mold makers save time and work because no additional heat treatment is needed.

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