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Flanged cylinder compact, works in high temperatures

Issue: July 2018

Flanged cylinder Meusburger’s new flanged cylinder, Model E 7048, can be used to perform a number of functions within a mold, including moving slides and ejector sets and pulling cores. It features a compact design, double-sealed piston rods and rod wipers to ensure clean operation. Viton seals are standard and allow the cylinder to function in temperatures of up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit. The device can be mounted on the surface of the mold or flush- mounted, and is available in four sizes, each with three different stroke lengths.

What’s new? The cylinder.

Benefits Small size and simple installation via four screws. The cylinder can be installed in very small spaces, giving mold makers latitude in their designs. Also, the E 7048 is designed for long service life and can be removed quickly and easily by means of a pull-off thread.

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